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WEBINAR: Enhance Career Mobility Through UoPX and Spark

Thank you for joining University of Phoenix and EdCast’s Spark for this engaging webinar on how learners are beating the Skills Gap at the intersection of skills and degree programs for career advancement through Spark.

Our speakers for this webinar discussed how rapidly changing technology is transforming the modern workplace. And the importance of having easy access to a diverse range of content in order to stay relevant and competitive.

Our speakers for this webinar included:

  • Nathan Jones, Director, B2B Product Development, University of Phoenix
  • Reena Chawla, Director, Product and Marketing, Spark by EdCast

And moderators:

  • Keith Ripper, Senior Corporate Account Manager, University of Phoenix
  • Philip Levinson, Vice President of Marketing, EdCast

Click here to learn more about how Spark by EdCast is helping professional become future ready.

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