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The Future of Work & Its Impact on the Employee Experience with Josh Bersin & Karl Mehta

Join us on September 5th at 11am PT/ 2 pm ET in EdCast’s exciting webinar led by Josh Bersin and Karl Mehta entitled, The Future of Work & Its Impact on the Employee Experience.

As Josh recently wrote, “In the old model of work, everyone had a job and a level, and each job reported to another. Managers were put in place to take responsibility for these hierarchies, and the managers are paid to make things happen. In a highly innovative company, however, we need things to happen faster.”

This webinar will discuss the exact implications of this new, forthcoming, ultra-fast-paced work model.

Josh and Karl will paint a picture of The Future of Work and (1) how companies are quickly becoming networks, not hierarchies, (2) how employees will need training and knowledge not just for the jobs they have but the roles they will have over time, and (3) how increasingly important and challenging it will be for employees to help other team members succeed in more rapidly changing environments.

“Network-based organizations are harder than they look,” writes Josh. Indeed, you will not want to miss out on this informative and interactive webinar about the impending Future of Work and how it will affect your organization and your employees in the short- and long-run.

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