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Digital Adoption

Top 5 Digital Adoption Predictions for 2022

A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) helps users comprehend and optimally use the technology at hand. DAPs maximize user efficiency and performance with real-time information by allowing them to move between applications quickly and effortlessly.

With social isolation and disrupted business operations, the pandemic has changed how businesses function and interact with their customers and employees. Organizations, having had to ditch traditional classroom-based training in favor of the digital adoption and learning experience platforms, have realized the pros of DAPs. The next few years will only take companies further into the digital landscape. The numbers show that the global digital transformation spending is expected to reach 2.8 trillion dollars by 2025.

Here are our top digital adoption predictions for 2022:

Digital dexterity

Our first digital adoption prediction for 2022 is that DAPs will play a significant role in analyzing systems, questioning the status quo, and cementing relevance in a rapidly changing professional environment.

Research shows that implementing digital technologies augments company goals by 22%.

This will be reflected in increased employee and organizational performance due to user-friendly support and a shorter time to productivity. In 2022, organizations will deploy DAPs to enhance business operations and workforce efficiency.

Accelerated, widespread adoption

With the pandemic catching businesses off guard, accelerated software adoption with the help of digital adoption platforms proved to be more relevant than it has ever been. We believe this trend will continue with organizations’ accelerated, widespread implementation of DAPs.

According to Gartner, businesses move twice as fast on their digital transformation journey once the employees and the leadership understand the significance of digital relevance and how to get there.

In 2022, we foresee businesses including digital transformation in their strategies to meet organizational goals and build business resilience. This will allow organizations to anticipate and mitigate risks well ahead of time.

Heightened focus on the talent experience

Employee retention and churn have become very important over the last couple of years. HR departments have had the challenging task of virtually managing the talent experience and lifecycle.

Research shows that employees satisfied with their organization’s flexibility are 2.6x more likely to be happy working for their employer and are 2.1x more likely to recommend working for their employer.

Today, companies need to focus on the talent experience. This requires the development and implementation of holistic policies for attracting and retaining top talent. Smart digital tools will bolster these policies to manage the employee lifecycle and enhance employee experience.

In 2022, we foresee talent experience becoming as crucial as customer experience. This will manifest through increased focus on a well-rounded talent experience, significantly affecting the bottom line by translating into a superior customer experience. In addition, we expect businesses to invest extensively in HCM by adopting digital workplace technologies to manage their workforce effectively.

Learning on the job

With remote working continuing, companies focus on providing training to employees to upskill them. 2022 is expected to be geared towards training and learning in the workflow. We believe this will take precedence over traditional methods like in-person training sessions and providing manuals.

DAPs will play a vital role in achieving this goal by making personalized, role-based content accessible and engaging.

Bite-sized content – in the form of text or multimedia – integrated with DAP is expected to become the optimal way of imparting knowledge to the employees in the flow of work.
Digital adoption will increase the ROI and lead to a better working environment, enhanced talent experience, and an overall boost in the organization’s productivity.

Increased demand for DAP professionals

People and companies are hoping to leave behind the lethargy of the last two years and proliferate in 2022. This will require digital augmentation to smoothen the ride.
The World Economic Forum predicts that the global economic impact of digital transformation will hit $100 trillion by 2025

With organizations realizing the importance of DAP, the demand for personnel who can be trusted with implementing these platforms will correspondingly increase. DAP professionals will play an integral role in enhancing customer and employee experience across the organization.

Our next digital adoption prediction is that becoming a certified DAP professional will be a rewarding career choice in the years to come. Based on the current landscape and the future scope, digital adoption is the way to boost the productivity and efficiency of employees, clients, and organizations in 2022.

The Road Ahead

With remote working becoming the new normal, the alternatives to in-person learning and archaic learning management systems grow exponentially. Using contextual, in-app training, digital adoption solutions increase user performance, productivity, and engagement.

Today, learning and development are recognized as central to the growth and success of any organization. Research shows that 63% of L&D professionals agree that L&D has a seat at the executive table.

Further, the current professional landscape is built on maintaining relevance amidst rapidly changing business environments. A scarcity of digital skills impedes innovation, increases resource and personnel costs, and affects the customer experience. The optimal solution to this is significant retraining and upskilling through digital adoption.

Is Digital Transformation a top priority for you this year? Are you struggling to drive user adoption on newly deployed digital solutions? Click here to book a free meeting with our experts. Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates in the Digital Adoption space.

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